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CallBlocker is now sold out in the UK, but we have not abandoned our quest to rid you of nuisance calls!

The CallBlocker unit is being replaced with the new CallGuardian™ service, that delivers call screening & call management through your existing telephone line, without need for a separate and costly call blocking device. CallGuardian™ will stop nuisance, unwanted, silent and robotic calls, whilst making sure you receive calls from the people you want to speak to, when you want to speak to them.

CallGuardian™ is due for release to the public this year, and should be available direct or through either your landline, broadband or mobile provider. If you would like to be kept up to date with information on how and when this service will be available to you, please complete click the link below;


If you are an existing customer of CallBlocker and you need help or warranty support for your unit, please email

About Us

CallGuardian is a service which is available to UK landline subscribers who also have a broadband connection. Whilst developing this service we have been providing UK landline and mobile phone subscribers with free registration to our ‘Silent CallGard’ service, which advises UK consumers and businesses on how to reduce or get rid of silent and nuisance calls. To date we have had over 2.5 million UK registrations to this service.

We take over 12,000 registrations every month to this service, and around 4,000 of these are from individuals who would be prepared to go ‘one stage further’ to get rid of the problem